Welcome to our Foot Jewelry site. I am Gilbert Williams, I am 54 years
old, with a deep passion for female feet and toes. That is what has
driven me to join a number of yahoo Foot groups and to own the yahoo group
Klassie Feet Foot Jewelry. Seeing a woman’s feet adorned with toe rings,
ankle bracelets and sandals gave me the idea to purchase foot jewelry as a present a
few years ago. Her pretty feet made the jewelry look better, I was hooked.

Talking with my friend showing her the pictures, she said “I can make
those.” We set out to do just that.  My friend Gloria and I hand make every pair
of jewelry, using plastic, wood, ceramic and metal beads.  During research and
the time spent creating and making jewelry I have learned a lot about crafts.

My passion for pretty feet and toes has allowed me to explore another passion;
taking photographs.  Most of the photos on this site I took.  My friend crossed
over to take pictures from time to time.  The colorful jewelry on beautiful skin
with brightly polished toes or wooden beads makes for great Pho-Toes.

My name is Gloria  Siffel, I am a lady that loves for her feet to look
klassy at all times.  I discovered that I adore having my feet admired by men,
that is why making foot jewelry is enjoyable for me, allowing me to take an idea to a
higher level.  I truly believe that your feet take care of you and you should take
care of them.  What better way than pampering your feet and adding a pair of
barefoot sandals to captivate the attention they deserve.


You will find pictures of various styles and colors of foot jewelry; displayed on and off the
feet.  There are how too videos demonstrating the proper way to put on the jewelry.
I am a amateur photographer into the every day lady and her Feet.  Not all ladies
have that perfect foot.  I have found that there is something perfect about everyone’s  
foot to someone.  We want to help show off your feet at there best.  We hope that
our website can assist you.  When you find a pair of foot jewelry you like and
purchase, post a picture of your beautiful feet in your barefoot sandals on our website.
Make comments about the jewelry and your suggestions are always welcome.
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